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Eternal Twilight

Official LJ Community for the Upcoming Event!

*Eternal Twilight* - 3-Day Event for Twilight Fans
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A community for people to discuss the upcoming event "Eternal Twilight" for Twilight fans!

Eternal Twilight

Eternal Twilight is the UK's first 3-day unofficial convention to celebrate the world bestseller book series by author Stephanie Meyer, 'Twilight' and the upcoming movie due to be released in the UK in winter. This event will be held from Friday 27th February - Sunday 1st of March 2009. This unofficial convention aims to bring together fans of the books and movie from across the country to meet some the stars of the first movie and enjoy various events over the weekend. There will be activities each day from the usual guest talks and photograph sessions to quizzes and late night parties and hopefully some book readings from the cast!! This event will take place in The Park Inn Hotel, Northampton, UK.

For more information, please check out the website at: http://www.massiveevents.co.uk/twilight

Feel free to link back to the website or livejournal community!

I look forward to seeing you all at the event!

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Disclaimer: The "Twilight" book series (consisting of Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse & Breaking Dawn) is property of the author Stephanie Meyers. The upcoming Twilight movie is property of Maverick Films, the director Catherine Hardwicke, and screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg, and all those responsible for bringing the book to life on screen, I do not claim to own any part of it. This website was set up to provide information about an event, this is a non-profit making website, and no infringement is intended.