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Taylor Lautner's appearance cancelled...

Unfortunately as we feared Taylor Lautner has had to postpone his attendance at
Eternal Twilight due to scheduling conflicts .

I know that we were all really pleased that Taylor secured his place
as Jacob in New Moon, but that has led to him having to alter his
schedule meaning that he is not now able to make Eternal Twilight.

However, we know that he was really looking forward to meeting you all
and he appreciates your support so much. We will be working closely
with Taylor and his agent to bring him to a future event so that he
can thank you all in person.

We are currently working hard on finding a fantastic replacement for
Taylor at Eternal Twilight and hope to have some exciting news on this
in the coming few days!

we had hoped to bring you a replacement guest tonight, we try to have
a back up guest in place just incase, and we have a great guest that has
agreed to attend the event, biggrin.gif but we do not have a singed contract back
from there agent yet so in till we have this back from them we cannot
let you know who they are WINCE.GIF

i know you all want to know who it is and we want to tell you DANCE.GIF, so as
soon as we have that contract back we will let everyone know DANCE.GIF

we run the events in a way so that you have some of the best days of the
year with us, and we want you to have a great time and it saddens us
when this type of thing happens but it cannot be helped sometimes.

we all want you to have a great time at Eternal Twilight , we here all know
you will have an amazing time with us , as in the last few days we have
been talking to some people that will make the event even better and so
much more special for everyone on the day, so trust us and we will have
news on the new guest very soon

Also, to let you know, we have also spoken with Kellan, Ashley and Justin’s
agents and they are all still scheduled to attend and good to go to
Eternal Twilight. THUMBUP.GIF

After those conversations their flights were booked
and so we look forward to seeing them at the show

we are sorry and thank you for understanding and support!


jason and the Eternal Twilight team
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