slaycandy (slaycandy) wrote in eternal_twi_con,

Welcome to the ET Livejournal Community!

I have set up this community as a meeting places for those going to the upcoming Massive Events event "Eternal Twilight". Feel free to join, post and discuss this convention!

I will be posting any updates on here once I have updated the website so keep an eye open for my postings!

Can't wait to see you all the event!
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This is amazing!
Like I said on the forum, the site looks fantastic!

I am YAYing in honour of the awesomeness of this community.

I think it's legen ... you know the rest ;)
ok... becasue i am a moron how do i join the community. ive only been on LJ for years but ive always lurked. im sure its stupidly simple but ya know... brain freeze!

site looks amazing by the way.

Heh, it's okay, it took me like five hours to set the comm up in the first place because I couldn't remember where to go to actually re-code the styles! Lol. I haven't been on LJ in ages, so that's my excuse, :S

Anyway if you go to the userinfo page for the comm you should see this near the top: "To join this community, click here. " and well... you... click there...

That's pretty much how it works I think, I set it up so I didn't actually have to go through the whole 'joining' process, lol, otherwise I would have been staring at it going, huh?

Anyway glad you're joining, I'm just trying to spread the word in a few more places!
Love the community - great idea! Can't wait for the con!
this sounds amazing!!!
Does it cost £78 to get in?
And what age is a child an adult?
Check out the official website at:
And for more dicsussion and to ask questions to the organisers check out the forums at
for more information! :D

thank you x
Excellent community!

Look forward to seeing everybody at the con :)

Lee (theoden_of_rohan from the forum) x