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Eternal Twilight 2... 16th - 18th October 2009

Hi everyone!

Quite a few people have asked about whether we will be running another Twilight event. To be honest, we have enjoyed everything about running this event so much, even though we are not even there yet, we have already decided that we will be running another event.

Therefore, for all of you who want to get your diaries in order, Eternal Twilight 2 will take place on 16th - 18th October 2009.

The venue will be The Park Inn Northampton again and tickets will go on sale on the Sunday 1st March at the Eternal Twilight event. They will only be on sale at the event on the Sunday, so everyone there will have first opportunity to book for the next event. Assuming any tickets are left, they will go on sale to everyone else online on Monday 2nd March.

We look forward to seeing you all at Eternal Twilight!

Mark Very Happy

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