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Guest #3 - TAYLOR LAUTNER!!!

Shocked OMG... THEY GOT JACOB!!!  Grin Grin Grin

We are pleased to announce that the new guest for Eternal Twilight is:

Taylor Lautner: Jacob Black

Jason also posted...

I just want to say we still plan to get another one or two guest depending on ticket sales and more if it sells out.

We still have offers with a lot of the cast and we do not need to make a decision on who we still go for or do not go for, so as to who else from the cast may still come to this event , it has not been set yet no one has said they are too busy yet so ALL are still possible"  Grin

We will now just have to see how tickets go and then we will work out who else will be with us over the weekend of Eternal Twilight. 

So do not be down if this was not the guest you wanted to meet, we could still get them to the con, we have months yet to go!
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