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Guest #2 - Ashley Greene AKA Alice Cullen

Our newest guest announcement for 'Eternal Twilight' is... ASHLEY GREENE - ALICE CULLEN Smile

In the Twilight movie, Ashley Greene will be portraying the character "Alice Cullen", a vampire who remembers nothing of her human life. Alice is the petite and graceful member of the Cullen family, a vampire with a special ability to see the futures of humans and vampires. Alice saw that she was to meet with Jasper, and the two joined the Cullen family and became husband & wife.

Ashley Greene modelled for 'Sutra', 'Feng Junk Accessories' and 'Stop Staring! Clothing'. Her acting credits include a 7 episode arc on the series "Desire" as well as appearing in an episode of "Shark". Greene will be appearing in the upcoming Philip K. Dick movie adaption of the sci-fi "Radio Free Albemuth", as well as starring as the title role in "Summer". Both Ashley and Kellan are rumoured to be appearing in the 2009 release "Strife".

We look forward to welcoming Ashley to the event in February! Thumbs up
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